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Subject to availability of an Advance Practice Nurse(APRN) at the time of the call, we can come and visit you at your residence for urgent medical needs.


You must have private insurance coverage and $25.00 transportation fee collected upon arrival.  


For cash patients, it is $150.00 for the house call plus the cost of any  other service/s that maybe necessary. Fee for the service will be discussed and agreed upon by both practitioner and client prior to the house call.  


APRNs are trained, license, and qualified for family practice medicine and have prescriptive authority.


Visit will include head to toe assessment, prescribe medications,  blood draw, dressing changes, one time intravenous infusion, urinary catheter and gastric tube re-insertion and other services that are necessary and appropriate for a simple house call.

We're open on weekdays from 9 PM - 12 PM and 5 PM - 8 PM , Saturday 5 PM - 8PM and Sunday 3 PM - 8 PM for your convenience.

We offer urgent home care visits for our patients.

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